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Why AFE?

We specialise in customised solutions to complex technology challenges, developed in partnership with our customers.

We are collaborative

Our customers typically come to us for help with a specific technology problem. The collaboration begins straight away. Initially, we will consult with you to define and develop a set of requirements. Then we will develop a fully bespoke solution, where possible drawing on our library of proven AFE products or systems.

We are agile

We can respond quickly to customer requests because we work in close partnership with suppliers around the world. We communicate continually with suppliers to keep them aware of our plans, as well as working together to maximise value to our customers.

We are your strategic partner

Since 2005, AFE has set its own standard for how we do business. We retain suppliers and customers as strategic partners because we recognise that effective long-term partnerships are fundamental to the growth of our company.



  • Outstanding Supplier Partnership Award – Fortive
  • Phoenix Award (rewarding entrepreneurship) – European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC)


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  • EPIC member
  • ISO9001

Partnership approach


We believe our partnership approach fosters rich long-term collaborations that deliver all three pillars of our vision.