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About Us

Our broad in-house capability extends from design to qualification, spanning optical, mechanical, electronics and software disciplines. This gives us the flexibility to meet complex and intricate challenges for customers. We work across highly regulated markets including Aerospace, Defence & Security, Oil & Gas, Power Distribution, Test and measurement but we welcome challenges from a variety of markets.


  • Specialise in high-performance precision products
  • Package and align optical components and fibre
  • Design and manufacture standalone optoelectronic instruments and equipment
  • Deliver turnkey optical sensing systems from sensor to interrogation

Partners in excellence

We work in close partnership with our suppliers to deliver quality and value in every solution. We are also recognised as a outstanding supplier partner with our OEM customers in the development, manufacture and supply of new technologies and products.

Market Partnerships

Our custom solutions work for clients in a wide range of markets, below are sectors we have delivered products into.


2 aerospace

Security & Defence

2 security

Oil and Gas

3 oil and gas

Power Distribution

4 sensing

Test & Measurement

5 tesing