This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. At AFE we work closely and consult with our customers to resolve their specific issues. If you can’t find the answer to your question below please contact us directly.

Yes we have many years of experience in helping customers with obsolete parts including equivalents for Zarlink, Honeywell and Sumitomo devices.   Often we are able to provide a better performing part at lower cost
We have a range of industry standard housings which will meet most requirements.   If one our existing housing is not suitable, then we will work with you to develop a custom housing.   We have our own workshop so can usually modify an existing housing to give a short response time for initial samples.
Mulitmode optical fibres can be either underfilled ie all of the light travelling close to the centre of the core or overfilled ie light interacting with the cladding.   An underfilled optical fibre will have a lower insertion loss than an overfilled fibre.   There is an industry standard called encircled flux which defines how the light should be distributed in the optical fibre.   AFE has equipment for aligning and testing devices to ensure that they are compliant with encircled flux standards.   We can work with you to provide modules which are tested to these standards.
We take great pride in providing a high level of customer service.   We work very closely with our customers to fully understand their problems and to provide a solution which works for the customer.   Over the last few years we have received several awards from customers based on our level of service.   We also pride ourselves on delivering on time with high yield, low returns and a good cost effective solution!!