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AFE’s core business has been developing and manufacturing high performing fibreoptic assemblies for our OEM customers. We have also developed production support equipment so our customers can test these products in production.


AFE have been supplying optical harness testers for a number of years. Typically for testing optical assemblies used in optical time domain reflectometers.


The example unit above contains optical outputs, pulsed laser drivers, avalanche photodiode biasing circuits, circuits for measuring photodiode currents and an integrating sphere.


Software can be used to select different combinations of outputs and inputs to generate a step by step sequence for measuring a complex fibreoptic assembly.   The software will guide production operators through the test sequence ensuring a consistent approach to device testing.


The unit above can be adapted to customer requirements.   For example different optical light sources and fibres can be incorporated together with different pulsed laser drivers or CW laser drivers.


The housing design can be adapted to customer requirements, therefore please get in contact and let us know what you need.

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