fibre optic harness testers
Validate the performance of complex fibre optic assemblies using the AFE harness production tester. The AFE harness tester has a range of optical inputs and electrical outputs to simplify the production testing of fibre optic assemblies. At each stage of the test, the operator is prompted to make the required electrical and optical connections using on screen prompts and aided by illuminated LEDS.

An example harness containing pulsed lasers and an APD, is shown schematically. The test script guides the operator through a measurement of each laser followed by a test of the APD. Testing is performed against predefined test limits and operators receive a simple PASS/FAIL message.


image0 1

The AFE production harness tester contains the following features

  • 850 nm CW laser pigtailed with 50 um multimode fibre and FC/PC connector
  • 1310 nm CW laser pigtailed with 50 um multimode fibre and FC/PC connector
  • 1310 nm CW laser pigtailed with singlemode fibre and FC/PC connector
  • Two test sockets for electrical connection of photodiode and avalanche photodiodes
  • Internal voltage supply for reverse biasing of photodiodes and avalanche photodiodes
  • Two pulsed laser test sockets generating 10 uS pulses with drive currents upto 750mA
  • One pulsed laser test socket generating 50 nS pulses with drive currents upto 7A
  • Integrating sphere fitted with Silicon/InGaAs detector for pulsed laser testing
  • Embedded Software routines which
    • Set the power levels of internal optical light sources.
    • measure responsivity, gain and breakdown voltage of APD.
    • Measure the output power levels of pulsed lasers.
  • Predefined test scripts for optical harnesses and individual optical components.
  • On screen prompts and illuminated LEDs, guide production operators through test routines.
  • Internal storage of test results, accessible via USB.

AFE offer an annual calibration and service of the equipment.
Customised versions of the harness tester including different optical sources and electrical connections, together with different software test scripts which can be provided.

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