The AFE RGB module is a demonstration unit which brings together AFE’s compact RGB combiner technology with drive electronics in a small hand held unit. The AFE RGB module has an internal rechargable battery and is used together with Corning Fibrance fibre to demonstrate the lighting and display capabilities of the technology. The AFE RGB module enables lighting designers to easily access the technology and work with AFE when developing new display applications.


AFE RGB Demonstration module includes the following features

  • Red Green and Blue laser diodes coupled to a single 170µm core optical fibre.
  • Compact 21mm x 13mm x 6mm combiner housing.
  • Drive electronics with three different demonstration modes.
  • .Fibre output connection with safety shutter.
  • Battery operated with charging via USB.
  • Small hand held unit 165mm x 82mm x 25mm.
  • 20mW output power at each colour,
  • Supplied with Corning Fibrance patchcords,

The AFE RGB demonstration unit provides a good introduction to the display capabilities of AFE RGB technology and Fibrance fibre. Customers often use the demonstrator to make an initial assessment of their own display requirements. AFE will then partner with these customers to develop a specific solution for their RGB display requirements.


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