The custom black body radiation calibration system was designed, developed and manufactured by AFE and uses a fibre coupled optical source to represent the temperature of black body radiation. The system uses a broad band temperature controlled SLD, a digital VOA and a calibrated golden device. The optics are built into a 19 inch 3U box, which is then housed in an outer environmentally controlled casing for additional stability.

The black body radiation temperature is adjusted using the SLD drive current and the VOA, both of which are software controlled via a USB connection. The output signal matches the temperature of an internal reference. Units to be calibrated are spliced onto the output fibre, which is conveniently stored in an AFE designed reel for easy access.

The AFE black body radiation calibration system has the following features

  • Temperature controlled fibre coupled broadband 1550 nm SLD.
  • Fibre coupled digitally controlled VOA.
  • External control via USB connections.
  • Fibre Optic splitter connected to internal reference unit.
  • Fibre reel system for ease of fibre management when splicing to unit being calibrated.
  • Environmentally controlled external housing for stability.
  • Software calibration programme.
    • Download of calibration data into internal memory.
    • Control of SLD drive current and VOA to set temperature of reference unit.
    • Set reference unit temperature and use to calibrate temperature of external unit.
  • CE certification.


fibre optic light source temp
The AFE black body radiation calibration system is an example of AFE designed custom test equipment. Many of the features developed for this unit could be readily utilised for other specialized fibre optic light sources and test equipment.

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