sales artefact
An OTDR is one of the key pieces of test equipment used for validating optical fibre networks. AFE have produced a range of test artefacts for use with OTDR. Housed in a small ruggedised peli case, the artefact contains coils of fibre with specified defects. The test artefact readily demonstrates the crucial role of an OTDR in optical network testing. The main purpose of the test artefact is to facilitate OTDR demonstrations and increase OTDR sales. It is an invaluable tool for training customers, sales teams and students.
The test artefact contains many of the lossy and reflective events found in real optical fibre links. For example macro bends when a fibre has been coiled too tightly, bad splices made when a network has been repaired and even damaged connectors. The example OTDR output shows three 100m lengths of fibre spliced together with two “bad” splices. The OTDR displays the total length and indicates the position of the problem. The end of the link is shown by the reflection spike.

The AFE test artefact contains the following features

  • Rugged black Peli enclosure containing 4 separate fibre optic links.
  • Fibre terminated with SC connectors and protective shutters.
  • Single mode and multimode versions.
  • Single fibre and MPO links.
  • Overlay showing fibre routing between connectors.
  • Two standard sizes currently available
    • oPeli 1060 case (238mm x 141mm x 67mm) containing 750m of optical fibre.
    • oPeli 1120 case (206mm x 167mm x 90mm) containing 3500m of optical fibre.
  • Optical artefacts include
    • Fibre links of specified length.
    • Lossy splices with typical losses 0.5 dB to 0.9 dB.
    • oMacro bends with typical losses of 0.5 dB to 0.7 dB.
    • 1 x 16 optical splitters with typical losses of 13 dB.

AFE can provide both custom and standard versions of the artefacts.

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